Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Blakely vs. Washington State

What this case points out is the fact the government has been sentencing United States Citizens to long prison terms for the past 20 years without the benefit of their Sixth Amendment rights. While this may surprise many Americans, although I would say most could care less, it should not surprise anyone that has dealt with the corruption in the U.S. legal system.

The fact that most Americans could care less is the reason the government and the Justice Department have been able to get away with such a criminal act as denying American Citizens their constitutional rights for twenty years!

I can only smile as I write this page at those that are willing to waste their time, losing limbs and life in Iraq to deliver American style democracy and justice. The Iraqi's were better off under Sadam and American's certainly were better off having Sadam control the Shiite's. Something neither presidential candidate will acknowledge.

Is anyone in the Justice Department, any prosecutor or any judge going to face justice for denying American Citizens their rights under the Sixth Amendment for the past twenty years? I think not, it is just tough shit for those they have abused! BOO HOO! So many lives wasted, so much precious time lost from such an abusive government.

If you think the government is not abusive, just watch a couple of episodes of COPS on FOX TV. George Washington has to be spinning in his grave. I thought this "police state" abuse was the reason we beat Hitler in WW II. It seems we have army's of Nazi's patrolling the streets of America (why would they arrest and hand cuff Mike Wallace, he is older than dirt and probably not capable of hurting anyone?).

We will have to see in time how the Supreme Court works this mess out, but in general it will most likely only impact about five to ten percent of convicted Americans if it impacts anyone at all; even though the failure of the government to pay any attention to the Constitution has effected much closer to 80 percent of those Americans convicted in the past 20 years.

What is important to me is that I am in the five to ten percent that may benefit from the Supreme Courts small encounter with a conscience and impacted by the abuse of the Justice Department and others as it relates to Blakely.

The Blakely decision is only a small step in a system that is broken more than the CIA, which it seems is about to be dismantled by Congress. Dismantling the Justice Department should also be a high national priority for they are the terrorist within. If you don't believe me, use your free speech rights and try to go to a Bush or Kerry rally and hold up a sign of protest, you don't need to speak a word but you will be arrested and abused, I guarantee it.It is good to live in a free country, just don't try to use your freedom in America or the government will take it away from you. In my case I didn't even need to try to use my freedom, someone in the government just wanted a business I was involved in and I didn't cooperate. They find a way to get even!


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