Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Holsworth - Government Sponsored Perjury

This posting details the Holsworth lie regarding his signature on the April 19, 1996 A. I. Credit Premium Finance Agreement. In his sworn deposition under oath on August 11, 1999 Holsworth committed perjury when he unequivocally stated his signature was forged on the April 19 PFA while looking at the document.

The first time he was given the April 19 PFA in the presence of the FBI five months later on January 20, 2000 he changed his story to the signature "appears" to be his.

On June 23, 2003 Holsworth provides his explanation of why he testified under oath in August 1999 that his signature was forged on the April 19 PFA.

Holsworth is an intelligent man. For the AUSA's to believe or even to pretend to believe Holsworth did not know the definition of forgery in August 1999 when he was looking at the April 19 PFA and clearly stating "that is not my signature" is a fraud on the American Justice System and a disgrace to the Justice Department. Orest probably received a bonus and a promotion for participating in such immoral acts; nothing like good ole' government sponsored perjury!

By the time of the Trial in November 2002 Holsworth had obviously been coached by the AUSA's to say that he had been directed by Franklin to sign the April 19 PFA because by this time the AUSA's were aware that Rosby and Franklin were not in Monon on April 19th and could not have forged Holsworth's signature. They needed to change the story to make it fit consistent with a PFA signed in Monon on April 19, 1996, the only time it could have been singed after discussions with AI Credit!

Holsworth Deposition August 11, 1999:

Page 138
9 Q. Let me show you a couple of documents,
10 and these deal with the first of the A.I. Credit
11 financings.
12 First is Exhibit 31, which is the
13 Premium Finance agreement. The second one is the
14 Notice of Acceptance which is Exhibit 148. And a
15 third one is a fax dated April 23rd from Peterson to
16 you.
17 Why don't you take a look.
18 MR. WARE: Is that an exhibit?
19 MS. DUNSKY: The number --
20 MR. WARE: 31 and 148.
21 MR. FISHER: And 233.
22 THE WITNESS: Okay. Tell you that is not my
23 signature, number one.
24 Q. BY MR. FISHER: Let's take a look.
25 You're looking at Exhibit 31.

Page 139
1 Have you ever seen that Exhibit 31
2 before?
3 A. Yes, I have.
4 Q. When did you see it?
5 A. Well, I've seen it twice. I saw it
6 obviously when the first deal went down, but then I
7 saw it again when the FBI showed it to me.
8 Q. Tell me the first time. How did you
9 come to see it the first time?
10 A. Well, I would have seen it when I was
11 going to record it on the books.
12 Q. Okay. And you say that that is not
13 your signature, that's a forgery?
14 A. And I told the FBI and everybody else,
15 that is not my signature,
16 Q. Did you discuss that with anyone at
17 Monon when you first saw it?
18 A. I know that I can tell you one of the
19 people I know -- in fact, when this thing came back
20 with my signature on it, one of the comments I made
21 was "Who signed my name?" You know.
22 And it seems to me that the
23 conversation I had was with Peterson. And at the
24 time, somebody signed my name in order to expedite
25 the paperwork, is what they said.
20 A. -- but I doubt I confronted Franklin.
21 Q. Okay. And the other thing, Mike, did
22 you talk to him over the phone --
23 A. Yeah.
24 Q. -- as soon after?
25 A. As soon as I got it. Obviously, one

Page 140
1 of the first things I looked at is my signature was
2 sitting on there, at least what somebody says is my
3 signature, and my first comment is: Who in the hell
4 signed my name?

Holsworth ¶302 January 20,2000 Page 5:

Source was asked to review AI premium finance agreement dated April 19, 1996. After reviewing the premium finance agreement, source advised the signature appearing on this premium finance agreement appears to be source's signature.

Holsworth Letter of Recant dated June 23, 2002:

Page 138: On this page and later in the deposition, there was a series of questions related to two forgeries. I believe the confusion relative to this issue can be addressed fairly quickly. I believe there are two documents that bear my signature and one document that is a forgery- The confusion lies in that one of the documents that bears my signature has a subsequent sheet attached to it that outlines the insurance policies supporting the financing. This document was not attached at the time I executed the original. This is clear by the fact that the date of my signature predates the attachment and the area where the insurance information is typically provided is left blank. From my perspective this was a misrepresentation of the facts, which I may have indicated in the deposition was a forgery. The second document is a forgery (of my signature) and I have indicated the same throughout my dealings with the FBI and the US District Attorneys Office (pages 174 thru 177).

Holsworth Testimony at Criminal Trial: November 2003

VOLUME 3, Page 128


8 Q Mr. Holsworth, can you tell us what Exhibit 25 is?
9 A It's a premium finance agreement.
10 Q Between -- involving which parties?
11 A Monon Corporation and AI Credit.
12 Q And what is the date on the premium finance agreement?
13 Strike that.
14 Did you sign this premium finance agreement?
15 A Yes.
16 Q That is your signature?
17 A Yes, sir.
18 Q And what date does it -- on what day did you sign it?
19 A I signed it on April 19, 1996.
20 Q Now, this particular premium finance agreement is with
21 who again, AI Credit you said?
22 A Yes, sir.
23 Q And the prior one was with Anthem, was it not?
24 A That's correct.
25 Q And what is the total premiums represented under this

VOLUME 3, Page 129


1 particular premium finance agreement?
2 A $2,950,922.
3 Q Is that the same number as on the Anthem premium
4 finance agreement?
5 A Yes.
6 Q How is it, Mr. Holsworth, that you signed this
7 particular premium finance agreement?
8 A I would have been instructed to do so.
9 Q Well, who would have instructed you to do so?
10 A John Franklin.
11 Q Did you ask him why he just didn't sign it?
12 A No, sir.
13 Q Did he ask you in person or some other way?
14 A I don't recall.
15 Q Did you do everything Mr. Franklin instructed you to
16 do?
17 A Pretty much. Short of killing somebody, yes.

This is a feel-good posting! You should rest comfortably tonight knowing the AUSA's are protecting you from evil people. Just hope they don't want something you own!


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